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Vodafone offers free calls after the first minute

Lisbon, 2 May 2007 – Vodafone has launched a promotion enabling its customers to call any Vodafone number for 0 cents after the first minute between 15 and 31 May.

For Vodafone customers who sign up to this promotion, national voice calls made to the Vodafone network during the above period will be free after the first minute (with a limit of 60 minutes per call, after which the customer’s price plan applies). Registration for this promotion costs 4.9 euros and can be arranged by calling 1275 until 20 May.

This promotion is part of a range of initiatives that Vodafone has launched over the years to offer its services (voice, SMS and MMS among others) at ever more competitive prices and which have regularly attracted significant numbers of customers to subscribe to them.

This promotion will be publicised on television and radio and in the press, as well as other media.