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Vodafone to supply communications for the Portuguese Presidency of the European Union

Lisbon, 23 May 2007 – Vodafone has been selected by the Portuguese Government as the Official Sponsor of the Portuguese Presidency of the Council of the European Union and will supply all fixed and mobile communications during the Presidency.

Portugal’s Presidency will last 6 months and will involve approximately 50,000 people at around 29 official events held in 10 different places in the country. The communication requirements are therefore wide-ranging and demanding, covering voice and data solutions in fixed locations and on the move. The selection of Vodafone testifies to its ability to create and implement business communications solutions, from the simplest to the most complex, that meet all its customers’ needs.

The chosen solution for fixed voice and fax communications will be based on the Vodafone Voz Fixa service, which offers a high level of flexibility and rapid response capability in implementation. Vodafone Voz Fixa is a fixed communications service based on Vodafone’s mobile network which combines the principal characteristics of this type of communication (e.g. 21xxxxxx-type geographical numbering and desk phones and faxes) with the flexibility and speed of implementation that comes from being based on the mobile network.

Mobile e-mail services based on the Vodafone Blackberry solution will also be supplied, providing the Presidency staff with anywhere, anytime access to their e-mail, calendars and address books, which will offer a high degree of mobility and immediate response capability.

Internet access in the places where the various sessions are due to be held will be supplied by means of various fixed access solutions (ADSL and dedicated circuits) depending on the required connection speed and services.

After the end of the Portuguese Presidency, the used equipment will be donated to charities.