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Vodafone Portugal launches Fixed Broadband services with speeds up to 24Mbps

Lisbon, 15 June 2007 Vodafone Portugal today launched the most competitive ADSL Fixed Broadband offer in Portugal, supported on its own ADSL2 network and using the existing cables in the customer's home. In this initial phase, Vodafone Portugal is offering Internet access solutions with speeds of up to 24Mbps plus fixed voice services.

The new offer is known as Vodafone Casa Duplex ADSL for residential customers and joins the Vodafone Casa offer, which also includes the TØ Voz and T1 Net Plug&Play services.

Vodafone Casa Duplex ADSL is the service recommended for those who want high speed Internet access of up to 24Mbps and also voice calls without any standing charge and with free calls to the fixed network and the best rates to mobile networks, while retaining their existing phone and telephone number.

Vodafone Portugal provides an immediate activation option, which enables customers to connect to the Internet on the same day that they subscribe to the Duplex ADSL service using Vodafone Portugal's Mobile Broadband. Surfing is free until the ADSL fixed service is activated. In addition, Duplex ADSL customers have the exclusive advantage of having Vodafone Portugal Broadband services anywhere for a single monthly fee: fixed ADSL at home and Mobile Broadband away from home.

The Vodafone Portugal ADSL service is extremely simple to install and it is not necessary to install or configure any software. After finishing the activation process, the customer merely has to connect the ADSL equipment supplied in the sales pack and it is ready to use. The service is available from 19.90 euros a month, and customers who subscribe to it before 30 September will benefit from unlimited traffic for 24 months. Customers who register on Vodafone Portugal's website by 31 July will receive a 50% discount on the monthly charge for the Duplex ADSL service until 31 December 2007.

The Vodafone Casa offer also includes the TØ Voz and T1 Net Plug&Play services. Vodafone Casa TØ Voz is the recommended solution for those who only want a home fixed voice solution while retaining their existing number and not paying standing telephone charges. The monthly cost is 9.90 euros, which includes calls at 0 cents to the national fixed network at any time of the day or night.

Vodafone Casa T1 Net Plug&Play offers Internet access at mobile broadband speeds from 22.50 euros a month from anywhere in the customer's home, without the need for a telephone line. It is also the best mobile Internet access solution as it can also be used anywhere outside the home.

The launch of Vodafone Casa is part of the broadening of Vodafone's strategy to new business areas in the telecommunications market. With this new offer, Vodafone is taking an important step towards becoming a global communications operator capable of responding to its customers growing communication needs, both mobile and fixed.