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Vodafone Portugal reduces and simplifies roaming charges

Lisbon, 28 August 2007 Vodafone is simplifying and reducing its Vodafone World roaming charges as from tomorrow, 29 August.

Previously organised by Zones and Operators resulting in different prices, Vodafone World will now have a single price for each Zone, meaning price reductions for a large number of destinations.

The main price reduction is in Zone 1 (covering all European Union countries), which includes the main travel destinations for Portuguese citizens. Following this change, calls made to or from any EU country will cost 49 cents a minute, while received calls will cost 24 cents a minute. The new charges will apply automatically to Vodafone World customers from 29 August.

In addition, customers who visit countries where the Vodafone Group has a presence (leading European destinations, among others) will benefit from even more competitive charges by using the Vodafone network in that country. By subscribing at no cost to the Vodafone Travel plan, which has been available since June 2005, Vodafone customers can make calls abroad at the same price per minute as in Portugal plus 66 cents per call, regardless of length.

The simplification and reduction of roaming charges do not apply only to voice calls. Vodafone has also altered its roaming data charges and will now charge a fixed amount for each 24 hours use instead of charging by the volume of data transmitted, as previously happened. Since 4 July, the Pack Roaming 24H plan has been the roaming data plan that applies to all new postpaid data plan customers. On initiating a roaming data session on one of the covered operators, customers pay 12.40 euros, and can access the Internet, e-mail or their company's intranet as many times as they want during the following 24 hours up to a traffic limit of 50MB.

Vodafone has been noted for its significant contribution to the greatly increased transparency and simplicity of and major reduction in roaming charges, to the benefit of consumers. Since the launch of Eurocall in January 2001 through to the introduction of Vodafone Travel in June 2005, Vodafone has launched a variety of specific roaming services designed to make mobile calls abroad simple and cheap.