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Vodafone in exclusive pre-release of new Boss AC single

Lisbon, 16 January 2008 – Vodafone is to offer an exclusive pre-release of the new single by Boss AC – ‘Levanta-te’ – on the Vodafone live! portal. Vodafone customers will be able to buy the full single tomorrow, together with the ringtone and ringding of the first single from the artist’s new album.

This single is only the initial benefit to Vodafone customers because they will also be able to buy, in an exclusive pre-release, all the complete tracks, ringtones and ringdings of the new Boss AC album that will only be on sale at the end of March.

This exclusive pre-release is part of Vodafone’s strategy of providing its customers with a wide range of multimedia content through the Vodafone live! portal.

As from tomorrow, Vodafone, in exclusive association with Valentim de Carvalho/Som Livre, will be launching a promotion campaign for the new album on television and the Internet and on stickers and insertions in the CDs sold.

This is the fourth Boss AC album in the rapper’s long list of successes. His third album, ‘Ritmo Amor e Palavras’ in 2005, sold over 30,000 copies and earned him a Platinum disc. The following year, the single ‘Princesa (Beija-me outra vez…)’ won a Golden Globe for best song. During his career, Boss AC has worked with artists such as Akon, Blasted Mechanism, Da Weasel, Rui Veloso and Sam the Kid.