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Vodafone launches communications toolbar for Internet Explorer

Lisbon, 22 January 2008 – Vodafone today launched the Vodafone Toolbar, an innovative mobile communications service that enables users to send SMS and MMS from a computer while browsing the Internet. As well as these communications, with the Vodafone Toolbar it is also possible to make voice and video calls provided that Vodafone web phone is installed in the PC.

Aimed at computer Internet users, the Vodafone Toolbar enables Vodafone customers to associate their mobile phone number with their PC and effect their usual communications from an application installed in Internet Explorer.

The Vodafone Toolbar also enables users to send images of the web page they are viewing by MMS, to send a link to the same page by SMS and to make voice calls to the phone numbers displayed on the page they are viewing simply by clicking on them.

Management of contacts is simplified, with the phone address book shared between Vodafone Toolbar and Vodafone web phone. The service also provides easy, immediate access to the call history.

To use the service, customers simply have to download an application to their computer from Vodafone’s website ( This will be visible in Internet Explorer immediately after the address bar. SMS and MMS messages and voice and video calls initiated on the Vodafone Toolbar to mobile or fixed networks are charged in accordance with the customer’s price plan.

All Vodafone Toolbar users will benefit from a promotional offer of 10 free SMS and 10 free MMS to the Vodafone network per week.

During this week, Vodafone Toolbar and Vodafone web phone users will also benefit from the first Happy Hour, enabling them to make voice calls completely free of charge from their PC to any Vodafone mobile phone between 10 pm and 9 am.

The launch of the Vodafone Toolbar and Happy Hour is part of Vodafone’s major investment in mobile-PC convergence, enabling its customers to use the services they are used to regardless of the form of access, and with a simple and transparent experience in use.