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Vodafone launches Security System for Cars

Lisbon, 8 January 2008 – Vodafone Portugal today launched Wireless SafeCar, a groundbreaking security system that offers more effective protection to drivers in the event of car theft.

Wireless SafeCar is the outcome of a partnership with i-mob, a leading British vehicle security systems company, and combines GSM transmission and GPS location technologies to ensure the security of drivers and passengers. The system is easy to use and its costs are fully controllable.

The solution protects the driver when he is confronted with a carjacking situation, a method frequently used nowadays to steal vehicles. By using Wireless SafeCar, the driver does not have to put up resistance if an attempt is made to steal the car because he can immobilise the vehicle after the event by making a phone call and can obtain the co-ordinates of its geographical location to facilitate its recovery.

In addition to allowing the immobilization of the vehicle and viewing its location via the owner’s mobile phone, Wireless SafeCar also continuously monitors the state of the vehicle and can detect, for example, if it is being towed. The solution is marketed in two versions: Basic and Premium. In the Premium version, Wireless SafeCar also has an impact sensor that automatically sets up a phone link between a previously programmed phone number or call centre and the vehicle, to enable suitable assistance to be arranged depending on the seriousness of the accident.

In the Basic version, Wireless SafeCar is sold as a standard package for company fleets with everything included, with no upfront costs and at a monthly charge of 32.90 euros for 24 months. The complete package includes all the solution’s components: equipment, user licences and sufficient communications for normal use of the solution.

The same Basic version of Wireless SafeCar can be purchased by private individuals for 512 euros plus a monthly charge of 7 euros, which also includes the user licences and the communications package for normal use.

The Wireless SafeCar solution can be purchased at Vodafone outlets or branches of the Salvador Caetano and Santogal Groups. Precision branches are also certified to install the solution.

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