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Vodafone launches 3 new fixed network offers for SMEs

Lisbon, 23 October 2008 – Capitalising on its strong leadership position in mobile telecommunications for companies, Vodafone has just launched three new fixed network solutions: Vodafone PABX, Vodafone Voz Fixa Plus and Vodafone Rede Privada.

Specially designed for SMEs, which account for 90% of Portuguese companies, the three offers are based on a careful study of the segment’s needs and are designed to increase the competitive potential of these companies. The launch of these new solutions is an important step in turning Vodafone into a global provider of mobile and fixed telecommunications services, with the competitiveness and quality that are typical of its offers.

Vodafone PABX

Many SMEs in Portugal, especially the smallest, do not possess a switchboard (38% according to a market survey by DataE). Switchboards provide more efficient management of fixed calls, especially in companies that have many contacts with the outside world.

Although many SMEs are adopting this type of solution, they are sometimes faced with high investment costs and the requirement for a certain level of technical knowledge.

With the slogan “A great switchboard for small companies”, Vodafone’s new offer includes a single, easy to install and configure terminal with the latest generation switchboard functionalities, a router for Internet access and an interface for up to 8 phones and computers, wired or wireless.

The terminal also has call management functionalities such as call forwarding, call pick-up, short code dialling, music on hold, night service and a Voice Mail box for each phone extension, among others.

The Vodafone PABX service does not involve any initial investment, fixed network standing charge or installation costs. From €16 per user per month, the company can have unlimited calls to the national fixed network and Internet, an innovative concept of convergence with the mobile network with free calls to the company’s phones, a telephone console for the company and a fixed phone for each user.

Another innovative aspect of the service is that Vodafone can provide remote technical assistance for the equipment, greatly reducing the maintenance and configuration costs of this solution.

Vodafone Voz Fixa Plus

The Vodafone Voz Fixa Plus is intended for SMEs that need more than one voice line and do not wish to change their telecommunications infrastructure. This service interconnects any type of customer switchboard with the Vodafone network, enabling companies to retain the investment they have already made in terms of equipment such as switchboards and fixed phones, and to maintain their existing contact numbers.

Vodafone offers the service at a very competitive price and without standing charges. The monthly charge for each voice channel – up to a maximum of five – includes packs of minutes to the fixed network – 1000 minutes with Pack 1000 and unlimited traffic with Pack Total. Another price characteristic is that calls to the company’s mobile phones are at a reduced rate of only €0.026 per minute.

Vodafone provides specialist technical support for Vodafone Voz Fixa Plus, as it does for the rest of its fixed corporate offer.

Vodafone Rede Privada

This innovative convergent service, available to companies of all sizes, offers total integration of a company’s fixed (analogue or digital) and mobile phones, making all calls between the company’s extensions free of charge.

Apart from offering free calls between the fixed and mobile numbers on the Private Network, the service also enables each mobile or fixed extension to have a short dialling code. It is also possible to create a list of permitted or barred destinations for each user, groups of users or all users of the Private Network. Free call forwarding can also be configured, provided that the origin and destination numbers belong to the Private Network. Forwarding is triggered if the called party is busy or does not answer.

These new offers enable Vodafone to address all the voice and data needs of the SME segment, boosting business for Portuguese companies and helping to raise their competitiveness.

Note: Prices stated do not include VAT