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Vodafone launches Mobile Broadband via Phone

Lisbon, 26 November 2008 – Vodafone today announced a new option in its mobile data service: Mobile Broadband via Phone.

This solution will simplify the Internet connection process with computers as it will eliminate the need to have a dedicated data device. With Mobile Broadband via Phone, all that is needed is a mobile phone and a normal voice SIM card.

Mobile Broadband via Phone is ideal for those who only need to use the service occasionally and do not wish to purchase a Vodafone Connect Pen. It offers Internet access for €3 a day, with 50MB of included traffic and a maximum speed of 512Kbps. This rate is available to all customers of the Vodafone voice service without the need for any further subscription.

To simplify the process of configuration and connecting the phone to the computer, Vodafone offers the Via the Phone application as a free download from or a small USB adaptor that links the PC to the phone’s data cable. Using this software, within a few moments the user can start browsing the Internet with Vodafone’s Mobile Broadband.

With this innovation, Vodafone is continuing to lead the introduction of new Mobile Broadband Internet access services and price plans by offering its customers the best service at the best price over the best network without the need to buy dedicated data equipment.