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Vodafone launches new services at Portugal Tecnológico Exhibition 2008

Lisbon, 18 November 2008 – Vodafone is exhibiting two new services at the Portugal Tecnológico Exhibition 2008, which is running at FIL in Lisbon until 23 November, and at the same time demonstrating some of the company’s current solutions in various fields.

The new developments include innovations in the TeleMultibanco service, now extended to the iPhone, allowing users to interact with the Apple handset as if it were a Multibanco ATM. The service offers some of the functions already available with Multibanco such as topping up Vitamina, Yorn and Vodafone Directo balances, checking bank account movements and Bank Identification Number, utility payments, etc. Vodafone customers can download the application free from Apple’s AppStore.

Also in the payments area, a new service is in the pipeline which has been on test since December 2007 with the virtual bookseller WOOK (, part of the Porto Editora Group, and which consists of a new system for payments over the Internet. The service allows Vodafone customers to use the TeleMultibanco service to make payments over the Internet easily, quickly and securely without entering any bank details, just the number of their Vodafone mobile phone. The launch of this service will take place shortly, facilitating payments in various online shops.

In addition to the above new developments, various projects and services will be demonstrated on Vodafone’s stand, including Wireless SafeCar, Vodafone PABX, the Paediatric Epilepsy Remote Monitoring System, Vodafone Say and e-Escolinha.

Wireless SafeCar is a groundbreaking security system that offers more effective protection to drivers in the event of car theft. It combines GSM transmission and GPS localisation technologies to ensure the security of drivers and passengers. The system is easy to use and its costs are fully controllable. The solution protects the driver when he is confronted with a carjacking situation, a modus operandi frequently used nowadays to steal vehicles.

With the slogan “A great switchboard for small companies”, Vodafone PABX offers a single, easy to install and configure terminal with the latest generation switchboard functionalities, a router for 24Mbps Internet access and an interface for up to 8 phones and computers, wired or wireless. The terminal also has call management functionalities such as call forwarding, call pick-up, short code dialling, music on hold, night service and a Voice Mail box for each phone extension, among others.

The Paediatric Epilepsy Remote Monitoring project, launched in February 2008 in conjunction with the West Lisbon Hospital Group, is designed to increase the number and potential success of surgical operations on children with epilepsy. Using mobile communications and a specially designed software application, doctors can view the V-EEG (video electroencephalogram) tests prior to surgery, on a computer or PDA remotely and at any time.

Vodafone SAY is a Text to Speech application installed free of charge by Vodafone, that converts into speech all the text appearing on the user’s mobile phone screen. This enables people with visually disabilities to make use of all the capabilities of a mobile phone. The main advantages are that the user can easily know who is calling, send and receive text messages, multimedia messages and e-mails, access the Vodafone live! portal, listen to and write notes, edit and consult the organiser, check the network level and battery charge, modify the phone’s settings, etc.

Lastly, Vodafone’s agreement on the e-Escolinha programme aims to co-operate with the Government to create the means to provide a PC with a broadband connection to every pupil in the early years of primary school. The PCs contain educational content approved and selected by the Ministry of Education and certain telecommunications operators’ applications e.g. Web Phone, SMS by mail, etc.).