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Google Maps with location based services on Vodafone mobile phones

Lisbon, 26 March 2008 – Vodafone Portugal today launched the Google Maps for mobile application with automatic location, which enables users to view maps of the entire world on their mobile phones.

The application available on Vodafone mobile phones offers a facility that enables users to automatically identify where they are on the map using localisation information supplied by the Vodafone network.

The Google Maps for mobile service with this feature is already available for around 25 models of mobile phones. The list of compatible phones will be extended so as to very quickly broaden the number of Customers who are able to use this service.

The application includes detailed route instructions shown on the map that appear on the phone display and which enable users to follow the route step-by-step, whether on foot or driving.

The maps are totally interactive, and users can easily zoom in or zoom out and move them in any direction to view them better.

With the benefit of satellite images, users can obtain a real image of the place they are interested in, just as if they were there themselves.

After accessing the Vodafone live! portal, Customers can download Google Maps for Mobile to their mobile phone free of charge. Once the application is installed, only the Mobile Internet rate (0.99 euros per day) is charged for downloads of maps.

Alternatively, Customers can opt for the Mobile Internet Aditivo which, in addition to permitting use of the Google Maps for Mobile application, also enables users to browse any web or WAP site and the Vodafone live! portal, and to use the Vodafone Messenger and Vodafone My Mail services. The price of this Aditivo is 9.90 euros a month, with the first month free. Users can subscribe to this Aditivo on the Mobile Internet channel of the Vodafone live! portal or by sending an SMS to 12345 containing the word ‘Internet’.

Detailed information about this service and prices are available on Vodafone Portugal’s website at