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Vodafone enlivens Rock in Rio Lisbon 2008 site

Lisbon, 26 May 2008 – Vodafone will be marking its presence at Rock in Rio Lisbon with a varied range of initiatives as the sponsor of the biggest music festival in 2008. As with the Rock in Rio festivals in 2004 and 2006, Vodafone will be offering unique and surprising experiences to participants at the biggest music event in Portugal.

Returning once again will be Best Seat Vodafone, a reserved area of around 100 m2 near the stage with two huge red sofas and a free bar, where the Vodafone customers who won the Sofa Race will receive VIP treatment while watching their favourite bands in the greatest of comfort. Ever since the first edition of the festival, this has been the most coveted spot from which to watch the live concerts on the main stage at Rock in Rio.

Also coming back this year is the 50-metre long, 10-metre wide Snowboard Piste sponsored by Vodafone. The slope of the piste is ideal for beginners to the sport and there will be instructors and special equipment to help visitors enjoy this fun facility.

The major novelty at this year’s festival is the Yorn Vinyl, a massive turntable that mimics the rotating action of a gigantic vinyl disc. Vodafone will be providing gifts to all visitors who enter for the various fun challenges on this platform. All winners of the challenges will receive Vodafone prizes.

So that no-one is left out of touch, there will be six Mobile Cabins each equipped with a mobile phone spread around the festival site from which visitors will be able to make national calls to any network in comfort, shielded from the noise of the festival. The first minute of these calls will be free.

Vodafone will also be offering visitors a highly useful Sofa Factory, a 50 square metre area where red inflatable sofas will be filled and offered to visitors to enable them to watch the concerts in comfort or just relax in the Rock in Rio enclosure.

All around the enclosure there will be Vodafone promotional teams with the task of photographing visitors and providing them with a photo as a souvenir. These promoters will also be available to demonstrate the brand’s services and content, in particular the Rock in Rio channel of the Vodafone live! portal.

An enclosure as large as Rock City could not possibly be without a Vodafone Shop. An 80 square metre shop will include areas to try out the brand’s services and content, and will also sell handsets and accessories.