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Press Releases

Vodafone Launches New Price Plans with Billing to the Second

Lisbon, 11 May 2008

Following the decision by ICP-ANACOM, dated 2 May, on the application of Article 8, item q) of Decree-Law 57/2008 of 26 March to electronic communications, Vodafone is to introduce new price plans for mobile and fixed voice calls from 3 June 2008. These price plans include an initial period of 10 seconds, followed by per second billing.

Vodafone is to introduce the following new price plans:  Best Total to the Second, Vita Total to the Second, Vita Light Total to the Second and Vodafone Casa T0 to the Second. With these new billing periods, these price plans correspond to the existing Best Total, Vita Total, Vita Light Total and Vodafone Casa T0. As a result of this change, short duration calls under the new price plans will cost less and long calls will cost more but on average, costs will remain equivalent to the price plans they replace. These new plans will be offered as alternatives to the existing ones, so customers can select the one that best meets their calls profile.

This initiative reinforces the competitiveness of Vodafone's offer with a range of diversified, transparent price plans.