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Vodafone Messenger passes 300 million message mark

Lisbon, 3 June 2008 – The Vodafone Messenger service, which offers simple and convenient use of Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo! Messenger on mobile phones, has already exceeded 300 million messages exchanged.

This large number of instant messages exchanged on mobile phones confirms the importance and usefulness of this form of mobile communication. Vodafone Messenger has experienced rising take-up and around 2 million messages a day are currently exchanged through it.

Vodafone Messenger enables users to chat with the same list of contacts as on their PC, check their contacts’ online status and send and receive emoticons.

Vodafone Portugal customers can use the service completely free of charge and without obligation during the first month. In the following months they can use the service for just 3 euros a month.

The Vodafone Messenger application can be downloaded free to mobile phones by sending an SMS to 12345 containing the text ‘IM’.

The 300 million plus messages exchanged on the Vodafone Messenger service are evidence of the success of Vodafone’s strong focus on Mobile Internet, providing simple and transparent access via mobile phones to services that customers are used to using on their PCs.