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Vodafone launches "End up paying 0 Euros” promotion

Lisbon, 16 July 2008 – Vodafone has launched today yet another promotion for its personal customers. In this campaign, Vodafone is giving its customers the opportunity to recover the purchase cost of their mobile phone in calls.

This promotion is available to all current and new personal customers on prepaid or postpaid plans except Vodafone Direct and Vodafone Casa. Phones qualifying for this campaign are those bought from Vodafone in July or August 2008, with the exception of those bought through Clube Viva or on special discount terms applying at the time of purchase.

To benefit from this promotion, customers simply need to register by calling 1275 toll-free by 31 August 2008 from the mobile phone that they purchased under the terms of the campaign and from the Vodafone number on which they wish to receive the bonuses or credits.

Vodafone will give registered customers a monthly bonus of 50% of the amount of their top-up in the previous month, or in the case of postpaid plans, the consumption value after the monthly charge. These bonuses will be attributed until the accumulated value reaches the sum of the price of the phone net of trade-in and the bonus on the card accompanying the purchased phone. Top-ups and consumption up to 31 December 2008 will be valid for the purposes of the promotion.

Over the years, Vodafone has launched a number of promotions covering various types of call – voice, SMS and MMS, among others – which have enabled customers to try out and make greater use of the services available to them at even keener prices.