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Vodafone launches prepaid Mobile Broadband

Lisbon, 21 August 2008 – Vodafone is today introducing prepaid Mobile Broadband in Portugal under the name Vita Net. For the first time in Portugal, users will be able to access the Mobile Broadband service without paying monthly charges or signing a contract.

This new service is ideal for those who need to use the Internet occasionally, for example when on holiday or away for the weekend, or on any other sporadic occasion.

For a top-up of only 10 euros, Vita Net gives access to Vodafone’s Mobile Broadband service for 10 days. By making a new top-up, customers can extend the period during which Mobile Broadband (512Kbps) Internet access is available, depending on the value of the top-up.

To use the Vita Net service, customers simply have to purchase a Vodafone Connect Pen and Vita Net Card set, including 10 days’ Mobile Broadband Internet access, for 54.90 euros or just a Vita Net Card, also with 10 days’ Internet access included, for just 14.90 euros. In either case there is no loyalty period involved.

Vita Net complements Vodafone’s current Mobile Broadband offer whose postpaid plans, which offer connection speeds of up to 7.2Mbps and call packs of up to 6GB a month, continue to be the recommended choice for those who intend to make regular use of the service.

After having been the first operator in Portugal to launch the Mobile Broadband connect card, and to offer its customers download speeds of up to 7.2 Mbps and HSUPA technology (providing 4 times faster upload speeds), Vodafone is once again leading the introduction of new products and services for Mobile Broadband by becoming the first operator in Portugal to offer its customers a prepaid option.