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Vodafone Portugal customers with roaming ability in 200 countries

Lisbon, 19 August 2008 – Vodafone Portugal customers are currently able to use their phones on the networks of 424 mobile telecommunications operators in 200 countries and autonomous territories on all continents.

Customers with 3G phones (3G/UMTS) can use their phones abroad on the networks of 73 mobile operators in 44 countries and the 3.5G (3.5G/HSDPA) roaming service is now available on the networks of 34 operators in 29 countries. For customers who make GPRS communications, Vodafone has roaming agreements with 226 operators in 118 countries around the world.

The most recent destinations where it is possible to use the Vodafone Portugal service are: Ethiopia, Guinea-Bissau, Papua New Guinea, the Central African Republic and Suriname.

As well as the maritime roaming service allowing users to use their mobile phones on board ships and ferries, Vodafone Portugal also provides its mobile communication services on board of aeroplanes following the roaming agreement with OnAir.

On board of TAP, Vodafone Portugal’s voice, SMS, GPRS data and MMS services have been available since 1 July 2008. On Air France, the voice service has been available since March 2008 and the SMS, GPRS data and MMS services since December 2007.

These agreements enable Vodafone Portugal to reinforce its leadership position in the total number of roaming agreements, available destinations and services offered.