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Vodafone Portugal reduces roaming prices to Europe

Lisbon, 29 August 2008 – Vodafone Portugal today reduced its Vodafone World roaming prices for calls within the European Union.

Following this change, calls made to or from any EU country will cost 46 cents a minute, while received calls will cost 22 cents a minute. These new rates correspond to reductions of up to 9%.

The new charges apply automatically to Vodafone World customers from today, 29 August.

Reflecting the importance of the European Union as the leading holiday destination for the Portuguese, and to reinforce the competitiveness and transparency of its roaming offer, Vodafone Portugal has announced that with effect from 1 October calls made to or from any EU country will be billed per second after the first minute.

Vodafone has become recognised for its significant contribution to the greatly increased transparency and simplicity of and reduction in voice and data roaming charges, to the benefit of consumers. Since the launch of Eurocall in January 2001 through to the introduction of Vodafone Travel in June 2005 and the launch of the Pack Roaming 24H (24-hour data plan) in July 2007, Vodafone has launched a variety of special roaming services designed to make it simple and cheap to make mobile calls abroad.

Prices are quoted net of VAT.