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Vodafone restructures ADSL offer and provides the fastest speeds at the best prices

Lisbon, 13 September 2008 – Vodafone has restructured its ADSL services and as from today provides the best offer in the Portuguese market. The differentiating characteristics of Vodafone’s ADSL offer are the simplicity and transparency of price plans, the high connection speeds on offer, the ease of subscribing and the low, non-promotional prices of the service.

The ADSL market in Portugal has been characterised by a variety of promotional offers with limited time validity, together with a multiplicity of plans and options that make it complicated to compare operators’ different offers.

Vodafone has now simplified the selection and comparison process for customers by offering only 2 price plans, without promotional monthly charges, without complicated options, at fast speeds and affordable prices: €19.90 for speeds of up to 12Mbps and €24.90 for speeds of up to 24Mbps which, compared with other offers available in Portugal, represent, for example in the case of the 24Mbps plan, a saving of up to 37.7% on the monthly charge for the service.

The new Vodafone Casa Duplex ADSL offer will also be reflected automatically in benefits to existing customers, with adjustment of the price plan and with speeds increasing from 4Mbps to 12Mbps and from 12Mbps to 24Mbps. The monthly charges under existing plans will also be adjusted to match the new monthly charges for the 12Mbps and 24Mbps price plans. In certain cases, this could mean a reduction of around €15 a month depending on the existing plan and the plan chosen for the future.

Simultaneously with the launch of the new price plans and until 31 October 2008, Vodafone is offering new customers installation of a phone line that costs €90 for free in order to make it easier for new customers to subscribe to the ADSL service.

To overcome the inconvenience of waiting for the ADSL service to be installed, Vodafone continues to offer its customers Immediate Activation at no extra cost, providing the possibility of accessing the Internet on the same day that they sign up for the ADSL service, using Mobile Broadband and a Connect Box supplied on loan by Vodafone.

With these new price plans without promotional offers, Vodafone is reinforcing its policy of transparent communication with its customers and its commitment to provide the best ADSL offer in Portugal.