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Vodafone launches new Mobile TV channels

Vodafone has expanded its Mobile TV offer with the addition of 3 new popular channels: Baby TV, National Geographic Channel and Eurosport.

With programming aimed at children up to 3 years old, the Baby TV channel features cartoon series and educational programmes. With the addition of this exclusive channel, Vodafone Mobile TV now has the most comprehensive offer for children: Cartoon Network, Nick, Nick Jr, Panda and Baby TV. The National Geographic Channel has a selection of the best documentaries, series and educational programmes about science, technology, history and the environment. Eurosport, a channel exclusively devoted to sport, shows the world’s main sporting events.

Customers can access the Mobile TV channels by subscribing to one of the service’s subscription options: 24-hour subscription (0.89 euros), 7-day subscription (1.97 euros, with the first 7 days free to new customers) or 30-day subscription (7.44 euros, with the first month free to new customers).

Customers can subscribe via their mobile phone or the Vodafone live! 3G portal or by sending a free SMS with the word ‘TV’ to 12345, or at TV .

In addition to launching new channels, Vodafone is offering the first week’s or first month’s subscription free to new customers of the Mobile TV service, making it the most competitive as well as the most complete mobile television service in the market.

With the launch of these new channels, the Vodafone Mobile TV will now have 30 television channels including the national channels RTP Mobile, SIC, TVI and SIC Notícias, well-known international channels such as Fox, Euronews, CNN, Fashion TV, Discovery Mobile and the History channel, and the Sagres League channel (which every week transmits a match involving one of the ‘Big Three’ football clubs – Benfica, Sporting and Porto), among many others, including those just launched.