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Vodafone Flash Concerts come to Viseu and Castelo Branco

Lisbon, 18 March 2009 – After selling out in the last four cities they visited, the Vodafone Flash Concerts are back on the road and will be coming to Viseu and Castelo Branco on 27 and 28 March.

On 27 March, Viseu Multipurpose Pavilion will throb to the music of Soulbizness and Lulla Bye, and the night will be brought to a close by Diego Miranda’s DJ set.

Soulbizness burst onto the Portuguese music scene with their single ‘Oh Sugar’, which immediately joined the regular airplay of Portuguese radio stations. Lulla Bye are currently at No. 3 in the Portuguese charts with their single ‘Bigger Plan’. DJ Diego Miranda, who is only 29, has already won various awards for his excellence as a DJ and producer.

On 28 March, the Vodafone Flash Concerts come to Castelo Branco Business Centre, where the night will begin with the Legendary Tiger Man, the alter ego of musician Paulo Furtado, who will present a show with a very individual style inspired by the one man band format, combining traditional analog sounds with new electronic solutions.

Next onto the stage will be doismileoito to present their debut album of the same name, which includes numbers such as ‘Acordes com arroz’ and their latest single, ’Bem melhor’. At the end of the night a varied selection of music including house, electro, techno, minimal and acid house will take over courtesy of Freshkitos, a duo composed of DJ Phil and Gustavo Pereira.

Vodafone’s music strategy is characterised by the design and production of original, innovative events, and plays a unique and decisive role in enabling the Portuguese public to participate in music events both in Portugal and abroad.

The Vodafone Flash Concerts started taking the best of Portuguese music to 6 cities around the country in 2007. In 2009, the Vodafone Flash Concerts have already visited Porto (David Fonseca Dezperados), Évora (Buraka Som Sistema Dezperados), Coimbra (The Vicious Five DJ Vibe) and Faro (Rita Redshoes DJ Vibe).

Complete information about the Vodafone Flash Concerts, including photos and videoclips of the concerts already held and biographies of the artists is available at