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Vodafone launches new price plans for companies

Lisbon, 26 March 2009 – Vodafone today introduced new price plans for Business and Professional customers which are simpler, more competitive, more flexible and more closely matched to the different usage profiles and needs of the business segment.

This new offer consists of two types of plans, called Vodafone Pro – aimed at the Professional segment – and Vodafone Business – aimed at SMEs and Large Companies. Both offer two price plan options: Total, for those who want a flat rate for calls to all national networks, and 91, for those who want the best rates for calls to the Vodafone and fixed networks.

With a view to optimising calls between a company’s employees without cost worries, both plans offer special terms for calls between employees – 5 cents a minute on Vodafone Pro and 0 cents a minute on Vodafone Business.

With an eye to the current economic situation, Vodafone is also introducing a novel feature in the price plans for the professional segment, enabling customers to choose between the Phone Option – for those who want the best phones at the best prices in order to obtain the greatest benefit from Vodafone services – or the Price Option – for those who want the most competitive rates and lowest costs.

The competitiveness and flexibility of this new price plan offer is further improved by the introduction of Business Aditivos, enabling customers to personalise their basic price plan and benefit from special rates for certain types of voice traffic such as international and roaming calls, SMS, E-Mail and Internet.

With the launch of this new offer, specially designed with the current needs of business customers in mind, Vodafone is further reinforcing its innovation and leadership position in the business segment in Portugal.