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Vodafone has fastest mobile broadband in ANACOM survey

Lisbon, 20 April 2009 The National Communications Authority (ANACOM), the telecommunications sector regulator in Portugal, today published the results of technical tests on mobile operators broadband (3G) networks. Vodafone was classified as the operator with the fastest mobile broadband network, with a download speed 23% faster than the average of the other operators in Lisbon and 43% faster than the average of the other operators in Porto.

Among the various technical indicators surveyed, ANACOM, in line with market practices, regards download speed as the most appropriate indicator for measuring effective bandwidth and enabling comparison between the various operators offers.

Vodafone's network also showed the fastest speed in indicators that are less important to the end user but which have an impact on user experience, such as upload speed. This best performance is not only in relation to other mobile networks (with an aggregate upload speed 23% faster than the average of the other operators) but also in relation to fixed networks, which were also tested by ANACOM. The tests show that the upload speed of the Vodafone network is substantially faster than the speeds provided by the fixed network operators Cabovisão, Clix, Sapo and Zon.

The publication of this report by the telecommunications sector regulator (available at will contribute to informing the general public about the effective performance of the various operators broadband networks.