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Quinta-Feira, 24 de Setembro de 2009

Vodafone 360

Vodafone revolutionises Internet-mobile-PC convergence

Lisbon, 24 September 2009 – Vodafone today announced the launch of Vodafone 360 – a range of new and innovative Internet services for mobile phones and PCs. Vodafone 360 will revolutionise the way users interact with their mobile phone by offering the first truly integrated mobile Internet experience.

With Vodafone 360 it is possible to bring together in one place all the user’s phone, e-mail, Google, Facebook and Windows Live Messenger contacts and to obtain or publish status updates, providing an unprecedented user experience of social networks. Other social networks such as Twitter will shortly be available on Vodafone 360.

Customers will also be able to access their music tracks, photos, games, applications and maps in an integrated way and will be able to exchange their favourite music tracks and even their location with selected groups of friends. Vodafone 360 also offers the best Internet access experience and over 1000 applications that can be downloaded from the Vodafone App Store.

The service automatically synchronises the user’s mobile phone and computer, ensuring that the customer’s content, including e-mails, photos, apps, status or contact updates and definition changes, is permanently up-to-date.

The Vodafone 360 service has been designed and developed exclusively by Vodafone. In the launch phase, the best Vodafone 360 experience will be available on two exclusive phones produced by Samsung to Vodafone’s specifications. Using the LiMo operating system, the Vodafone 360 H1 has a 3.5” high definition OLED touch screen, 16 GB of memory, WiFi, over 400 minutes talktime in 3G and a 5 megapixel camera. A second Samsung phone will be launched shortly, increasing the range of colours and price levels for customers.

In the launch phase, the Vodafone 360 service will also be available on various Nokia phones which can be bought with the service preloaded. It will also be possible to download various Vodafone 360 services to over 100 models of phone. Over the coming months, Vodafone will be rolling out the Vodafone 360 service on a wider range of phones and manufacturers’ operating systems.