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Vodafone Casa TV service now available to the whole market

Lisbon, 29 September 2009 – Vodafone today expanded its digital TV service to the whole of the Portuguese market following two months in which the Vodafone Casa TV was offered exclusively to its ADSL customers.

At the same time, Vodafone is launching a promotion enabling any eligible customer to use the basic Vodafone Casa TV offer free of charge until the end of the year, without any subscription cost or obligation.

In order to address all types of customer usage, from today Vodafone is also offering a new price plan (TV Voice) aimed at customers who do not need a fixed Internet connection but wish to make use of all the latest TV features at the lowest price.

In addition, all Vodafone Casa TV customers will receive a discount on monthly access to the Mobile TV service for 5 Vodafone phone numbers enabling them to use the TV service on their mobile phones for only 5 euros a month (including VAT).

Since July, the Vodafone Casa TV service has offered over 100 television channels including all the most popular channels and favourite premium channels, along with 8 High Definition channels. It has all the latest features such as High Definition image (HD) and sound (Dolby Surround ®), Digital Recorder (with up to 280 hours’ recording capacity – the highest in Portugal – and automatic recording of entire series), TV Guide, Pause TV and Videoclub with over 700 films, including big box office hits and films in HD.

The Vodafone Casa TV service also boasts various innovative services offered for the first time in Portugal: the possibility of recording programmes on any TV Box; the ‘Passou na TV’ (‘Catch Up’) option to watch or see again some of the programmes of the past few days; and the ‘Photos and Music’ service, allowing photos and music stored on PCs to be viewed and listened to on television sets; and convergence between the customer’s television, PC and mobile phone.

Among the various convergence features made available in recent weeks are the possibility of remotely viewing the TV Guide and scheduling recordings via PCs or mobile phones using special applications adapted to almost all phone models, including all Vodafone live! phones and the latest generations of smartphones.

With the expansion of the Vodafone Casa TV to the whole of the market and its strong investment in television and convergence with mobile communications, Vodafone is taking another important step towards becoming a global communications operator capable of responding to the growing communication needs of all its customers.