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Vodafone reduces prices in its Music Store and eliminates copy protection

Vodafone Portugal today announced revised charges for its Music Store at the same time as freeing the whole of its catalogue from copy protection.

This change puts into practice agreements signed between Vodafone and the international record labels EMI Music, Universal Music, Sony Music and Warner Music to provide music tracks without copy protection (Digital Rights Management – DRM) and similar agreements with the leading Portuguese labels.

The Vodafone Music Store currently has one million full music tracks available for download, which from today will be able to be used completely freely. As they do not have any protection, all the tracks can be bought and downloaded to a PC or mobile phone and subsequently transferred to any other digital medium such as an MP3 reader, CD or computer without restriction. This is a step of enormous importance that meets the wishes of music consumers.

The familiar Vodafone Music Manager (PC) and Vodafone Mobile Music (phone) applications enable customers to make use of all the features of Vodafone’s music services such as efficient track search and download, listening to music, personal library management and recording CDs in the case of Vodafone Music Manager.

Simultaneously, Vodafone has announced revised charges for using its Mobile Music service, enabling customers to buy tracks at the most competitive prices in the Portuguese market – €0.69, €0.99 and €1.29 per download.

This option complements the existing Unlimited Music service which enables customers to listen to and download as many tracks as they wish, either on their mobile phone or PC, at a monthly cost of €6.99 – less than half the price of a music CD.

Upholding the brand’s strong focus on music, with this additional innovation Vodafone’s music services represent the best and most complete offer in the Portuguese market, combining the advantages of the PC and the mobile phone in accessing digital music.