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Sexta-Feira, 29 de Janeiro de 2010

World First

Vodafone initiates Mobile Broadband connection using new technology capable of improving download speeds

Lisbon, 29 January 2010 – Vodafone Portugal successfully tested this morning in Lisbon a wireless data session using new HSPA Dual Carrier 43.2 Mbps technology.

The tests were carried out under controlled conditions on the Vodafone Portugal network in partnership with Ericsson and Qualcomm Inc. using the Qualcomm MDM8220TM chipset.

HSPA Dual Carrier is the next step in the development of 3G/HSPA (High Speed Packet Access) technology which uses the aggregation of two adjacent radio channels to improve the access speed currently achieved with HSPA and improve customers’ experience of Mobile Internet still further. The new HSPA Dual Carrier technology will help to improve current maximum download speeds as well as customers’ experience of Mobile Internet access.

Vodafone was the first Portuguese operator to test the HSPA 21.6 Mbps at 64 QAM technology and one of the first in the world to commercialise this speed on a mobile network. It was also the first operator to test the HSPA MIMO 28.8 Mbps technology.