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Quinta-Feira, 14 de Outubro de 2010

Anacom Survey Report

Vodafone has the fastest broadband

Lisbon, 14 October 2010 – Vodafone customers enjoy the fastest broadband in the Portuguese market. According to a survey report by ANACOM (the National Communications Authority), Vodafone Portugal customers have the highest Internet connection speeds.

The tests carried out by Anacom covered the mobile and fixed networks of the various operators in the market and took place in 439 homes or public places in mainland Portugal. ANACOM tested the price plans in which each operator has the largest number of customers so as to ensure that the results reflected the real experience of the majority of users.

In the tests of mobile broadband, Vodafone achieved the highest download speed on national access for the second consecutive year. According to Anacom, “It was observed that the average file transfer speeds were higher for Vodafone”. Looking at the results in greater detail, it can be seen that in every geographical area tested, Vodafone is in all cases the operator with the fastest download speed on national access.

Vodafone is also the operator with the fastest loading of web pages. On the loading time for web pages, Anacom reports that overall Vodafone has not just the shortest average times but also less variation.

With regard to the results of the tests of fixed broadband, Vodafone also achieved excellent results, with Anacom saying about download speeds that “for the national server, Vodafone achieves the highest real speed.” A similar result was recorded with upload speeds, with Anacom saying that “[…] for the national server, Vodafone […] achieves higher speeds.”

This Anacom survey demonstrates once again that Vodafone customers benefit from the fastest Internet access in Portugal, irrespective of whether they use Vodafone’s mobile broadband network or fixed broadband network.