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Vodafone launches the world's biggest 'Video in Print' campaign to advertise Vodafone Casa com Fibra

Lisbon, 8 October 2010 – Vodafone Portugal has launched the world’s biggest ‘Video in Print’ campaign to advertise its Vodafone Casa com Fibra service.

The Video in Print launched by Vodafone is a booklet with a touch sensor and a small screen capable of displaying a series of promotional films demonstrating the various features of the Vodafone Casa com Fibra service.

The campaign started at the beginning of this month and will reach around 25,000 customers living in areas eligible to receive the Vodafone Casa com Fibra service.

Vodafone’s use of innovative advertising has been a regular feature of the brand, providing unique and differentiating experiences to its customers. The use of a revolutionary means of advertising such as Video in Print based on a fully digital format that makes it possible to view videos embedded in a booklet to create huge visual impact, once again highlights Vodafone’s leadership of innovation in advertising.

For this campaign, Vodafone worked with Brandia Central (concept, creativity, and video production) and Lifetime and Tempo OMD (technological medium, production and finalisation of the booklet).

Vodafone Casa com Fibra is the new ‘triple play’ service – voice, Internet and TV – supported on Vodafone’s fibre optic network, which offers Internet connection speeds up to 300 Mbps (the fastest on the market) and an extensive offer of around 120 television channels (including 14 HD channels and one 3D channel).