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Vodafone launches easy-to-use mobile phone for older customers

Lisbon, 16 November 2010 – Vodafone has exclusively launched the ZTC SP50, a phone designed for older users characterised by simplicity and functionality, in response to the communication needs of these customers.

Its large keys with clear, easy-to-read characters will also, if the customer so wishes, emit a sound confirming the key that has been pressed. This feature makes dialling phone numbers easier for blind people or those with low vision. In addition the phone features a programmable SOS key which, when pressed, makes an emergency call to a user-defined number. This key is located on the back of the phone and calls a number predefined by the user.

The ZTC SP50 features an FM radio and a built-in flashlight, both of which are activated by a side button, making use of the phone menu unnecessary. It also includes a free desktop charger, ensuring that the phone is always charged and ready to use.

This launch will be the subject of an advertising campaign in Vodafone shops under the slogan “Everything it has is in sight”, highlighting the key features and advantages of this model to the segment for which it is intended.

The ZTC SP50 is priced at €54.90 and is available in two colours: black and white.