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Vodafone launches new Hotspot for sharing mobile broadband connections

Lisbon, 24 November 2010 – Vodafone Portugal today announced the launch of its new 3G/HSPA router which enables users to share their mobile broadband connection – the Vodafone Hotspot R201. This latest generation device for sharing a mobile broadband connection between different devices or users via Wi-Fi is the first router in Portugal with support for DLNA/Samba which allows quick and easy sharing of content between computers that support this protocol.

White, with a new design, lighter and stylish, the Vodafone Hotspot R201 incorporates an OLED display that gives users information on network coverage, battery status and the number of devices connected via Wi-Fi.

This router is ideal for sharing Internet access with all members of the family, or between a group of friends or among small working groups. The Vodafone Hotspot R201, which does not require any additional data device or computer, has a battery operating life of 4 hours, making it ideal for use with mobile devices such as portable game consoles, MP3 readers or digital cameras.

Expandable memory support for up to 16GB via a microSD card makes it a flexible and robust device capable of storing and sharing various types of personal content such as documents, music, videos and pictures over Wi-Fi.

The Vodafone Hotspot R201 costs 99.90 euros and can be used with any Vodafone mobile broadband plan.

With this launch, Vodafone is once again bringing innovation to the Portuguese mobile broadband market and continuing to lead the introduction of equipment and services for mobile Internet access in Portugal.