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ICAP imposes immediate ban on Optimus advertising campaign

Lisbon, 14 December 2010 – Vodafone Portugal welcomes the decision by ICAP (the Advertising Self-Regulation Agency) to impose an immediate ban on the “Optimus Kanguru – Mobile Broadband” advertising campaign recently run by Optimus.

In the campaign, Optimus claimed that “according to Anacom, Kanguru Optimus is the fastest mobile Internet for browsing, downloads and uploads”. This campaign, which has had prominent visibility on TV, in the press and on the Internet, aimed to counter a similar campaign by Vodafone which publicised the results of an Anacom survey which hailed Vodafone as the operator with the fastest mobile broadband.

Given two campaigns publicising different conclusions from the same Anacom report, ICAP has now made clear that the Optimus advertising campaign does not reflect the truth.

ICAP’s Ethics Panel expresses the view that the Optimus campaign “constitutes a misleading, unfair and dishonest advertising practice which breaches consumer rights” and rules that “its publication must cease immediately and must not be reinstated – either in its entirety or partially”.

Vodafone Portugal regards the decision now taken by ICAP as extremely positive, while deploring the lengthy period during which consumers have been exposed to this advertising now declared as misleading by ICAP.