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Vodafone introduces new videocall access for the deaf and hearing impaired

Lisbon, 24 February 2010 – Vodafone Portugal has introduced the number 12472 for deaf and hearing impaired people to access the video interpreting service of the Portuguese Association for the Deaf at a cost of 1.1 cents per minute, making it the first mobile operator to provide access to this service at a reduced price.

At present, the service costs 80.31 cents a minute, which means that Vodafone will be making a reduction of 98.63% on the monthly bills of people who use this service.

Dialling 12472 establishes a mobile videocall to a Portuguese Sign Language interpreter, enabling the caller to request a range of services such as calling a taxi, making a medical appointment or requesting home repairs, among others.

Since 2005, Vodafone has offered special rates for people with disabilities of 80% or greater (60% in the case of people with hearing impairment), with a 50% discount on Vodafone Portugal’s Best Plan.