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Vodafone announces winner of Portuguese App Star competition

Lisbon, 29 April 2010 – Vodafone has chosen the best Apps submitted by Portuguese programmers in the App Star competition launched in September, which is designed to reward the best applications developed for the Vodafone 360 platform in eight participating countries.

Programmer Pedro Campos is the winner of the Portuguese round of the App Star competition – Vodafone’s bid to find and nurture talent, initiative and innovation in all those who wish to share their best ideas with the users of Internet services. The winning application is called FlickrShow and allows users to search for and view Flickr photos on their mobile phone using search criteria such as keywords, user name, predominant colours and location as detected by the GPS module.

In second place was the Tour application developed by Victor Carreira, which uses the ‘current location’ of the phone’s GPS module to find nearby places of interest such as restaurants, hotels, monuments and bars, for example. Third place went to Hugo Sousa, who entered the App Star competition with his XChange application, which allows fast and intuitive conversions of monetary values into various world currencies. The three winners will receive prizes of €25,000 (1st place), €15,000 (2nd place) and €10,000 (3rd place).

The Portuguese winner, Pedro Campos, will now represent Portugal in the pan-European final between eight countries (Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdom), in which the winner will receive €75,000, giving total prize money of €100,000.

Voting for the applications in the competition will be by the general public and will be open until 21 May at Each user can vote only once and must register on the website. The winner of the international competition will be announced on 24 May 2010.

These applications are already available for download from the Apps Shop directly to mobile phones or from, where any individual programmer or group of programmers can also make available the applications they create, simply by submitting them at