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Vodafone launches new postpaid Mobile Broadband price plans with fixed monthly cost

Lisbon, 27 April 2010 – Vodafone Portugal today launched its Best Net price plans for Mobile Broadband Internet access which guarantee the same total billed amount at the end of the month, regardless of bandwidth usage.

Without any bandwidth limit or time restrictions, the new Best Net plans mark a new era in postpaid mobile broadband plans, giving customers of the Vodafone Mobile Broadband service the assurance that their bill will always be the same at the end of every month, with no extra charges due, for example, to the use of extra bandwidth, and regardless of the plan chosen.

At the same time as introducing this innovative feature, Vodafone is cutting the cost of its monthly Mobile Broadband plans. Vodafone customers will be able to enjoy Internet access anywhere from €14.90 a month. This new price represents a reduction of 35% compared with the lowest current price in the market of €22.87 a month.

The Best Net plans replace the previous Mobile Broadband postpaid plans and together with the prepaid Vita Net plans offer Vodafone customers the best and most appropriate solutions for each type of use, with total cost control.

For Business Customers, Vodafone today launched new Individual Mobile Broadband plans, with similar characteristics to the new Best Net plans. In addition, new Shared Price Plans are to be launched exclusively for Business and Professional Customers which will allow Internet access to be shared and optimised among the company’s various users.

This launch reinforces Vodafone’s competitiveness in the Mobile Broadband market in Portugal by combining in one offer the best prices, modest commitments and cost monitoring facilities.