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Vodafone Messenger surpasses one billion messages

Lisbon, 24 May 2010 – Over the last year and a half the Vodafone Messenger service has processed over one billion messages in Portugal.

This colossal number of messages exchanged between Vodafone Messenger users confirms the importance of this form of mobile phone communication (chat), showing that Vodafone Customers place value on being able to contact their group of friends at any time and in any place.

The Vodafone Messenger service enables mobile phone communication with the contacts the Customer has in Windows Live Messenger, through instant text messages, checking the ‘presence’ status of the contacts and sending and receiving smileys. Users are also able to remain constantly online for their friends, hiding the application in order to save on their phone battery but receiving notification whenever friends contact them.

To use the service simply send a text message to the number 12345 containing the letters IM, or alternatively access the Vodafone live! portal. The Vodafone Messenger download is free of charge.

In order for Customers to try out and see the benefits of the application, the service is free for a 30-day trial period. From then onwards it costs just €3.07 a month. Customers with Vita 91 Extreme and Yorn Power Extravaganza tariff plans or who have a monthly Aditivo Internet service have free access to Vodafone Messenger.

Vodafone Portugal will continue to increase its portfolio of phones compatible with the service, making Vodafone Messenger available for an increasingly large Customer base.

The success of the service confirms that Vodafone made the right decision to invest heavily in the Mobile Internet, providing Customers with mobile phone access to services that they are more used to using on their PC.