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Vodafone FM Radio to begin broadcasting at 00:00 tomorrow

Lisbon, 25 January 2011 – At 00:00 tomorrow, 26 January, a new radio station will come on air in Portugal – Vodafone FM. Broadcasting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from the studios of Media Capital Radios, Vodafone FM can be heard on the 107.2 MHz frequency in Greater Lisbon, on 94.3 MHz in Greater Porto and at in the whole world.

The launch of Vodafone FM, a ground-breaking project in Europe, was held this afternoon in Lisbon in the presence of Antonio Coimbra, CEO of Vodafone Portugal, and Luis Cabral, Director of Media Capital Radios, together with several personalities from the world of Portuguese music.

Vodafone FM is devoted exclusively to music and will offer a programming that is unique on the national scene, focusing on music creation and the promotion of new bands and artists. The mission of this new radio station, which is geared towards a young, irreverent, imaginative, interactive, urban audience open to new musical experiences, is to cover everything that is new in pop, rock, hip hop, dance or the many fusions of any of these styles.

One of the factors that differentiate Vodafone FM, which projects itself as an interactive on-air and online radio station, is the fact that listeners will be able to express their liking for songs via an online voting platform. This is actually the first radio station with a ‘Like / Dislike’ button with which listeners can participate in deciding which numbers are aired.

Initially, the content of Vodafone FM will consist of a playlist of Portuguese and international music (with an emphasis on Portuguese production). The programming will also include jingles communicating the personality of the station, spots publicising castings for announcers, which run until 13 February on the station’s official website, and the voting system for songs. Later, with the arrival of announcers on air, live voice broadcasts and other programming are planned such as music news, a cultural events roundup and auteur programmes.

The launch of Vodafone FM will be publicised with a major poster campaign in Lisbon and Porto and on the Internet inviting the public to tune in to the station, fronted by Cláudia Efe, Joaquim Albergaria and DJ Ride.

With unique characteristics that make a difference in the radio scene, this radio station fits with Vodafone’s strategy of communication and links to music, enabling the brand to extend its interests in this area, and arises from a proposal presented by Vodafone Portugal by Media Capital Radios.

The complete Vodafone FM press kit can be downloaded from