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Madame TreSesti to promote Vodafone’s social networks service

Lisbon, 1 March 2011 – Vodafone Portugal today launched an innovative online viral marketing campaign to publicise its social networks aggregator service, Vodafone All Posts, entitled ‘Vodafone All Posts presents Madame TreSesti’.

Madame TreSesti is an online clairvoyant who will analyse the social profile of anybody who visits the website and offer predictions about their love life, social health and life-work balance.

Her analysis is performed on the basis of the user’s profile on the social networks Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, on a website with a very attractive production and design environment.

Madame TreSesti’s website consists of more than 600 microfilms, lending a genuine and authentic flavour to its mentor’s predictions and involving the visitor in a dynamic, attractive and “out of the box” social reading.

Vodafone All Posts, which this initiative seeks to promote, is a service that provides, in a single application on mobile phones, access to the leading social networks most used in Portugal via a simple and intuitive interface: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and hi5.

Vodafone All Posts has been available since July last year to all Vodafone Portugal customers who possess a phone with mobile internet access. To subscribe, customers simply have to send a free SMS to 12345 containing the text “POST”. Vodafone will shortly include more social networks in this service and will offer applications for several operating systems, including Android, iPhone and Java applications.

With this innovative form of communication, Vodafone is further strengthening its focus on developing social network services for mobile phones and on mobile-PC convergence, enabling its customers to use the services they value most irrespective of the way they access them.