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Press Releases

DJ Ride and MC Maze debut programmes on Vodafone FM

Lisbon, 9 May 2011 – Two new music programmes start this week on Vodafone FM fronted by DJ Ride and MC Maze in partnership with Bull Music Academy Radio.

In Glitch Clash, DJ Ride presents his vision of the dance floor from the edgiest DJ booths, including hip hop and dubstep, drum n’ bass and funk, and wonky and wobbly rhythms, with the accent always on the lower frequencies. All this filtered through the skills of Portugal’s most highly recognised DJ in this area.

The programme Glitch Clash is aired on Vodafone FM on Fridays at 10 pm, repeated on Tuesdays at 11 pm.

In Oblá FM, Maze presents interviews, showcases, figures and sounds from the hottest dance floors in Porto. Maze is one of the most recognised voices in the national hip hop scene and the host of Oblá FM. The title is a reference to the north Portugal dialect form of “Listen here”.

The programme Oblá FM is aired on Vodafone FM on Wednesdays at 7 pm, repeated on Sundays at 4 pm.

Vodafone FM is broadcast 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from the studios of Media Capital Rádios on the 107.2 MHz frequency in Greater Lisbon and on 94.3 MHz in Greater Porto and on around the world.