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Vodafone Portugal launches interactive application for following the general election on television

Lisbon, 2 June 2011 – Vodafone has launched for the first time in Portugal an interactive application exclusively devoted to the General Election that enables customers to view a range of information on television and follow the election night results in detail.

The application includes updated information on projections, polls and official results in real time, district by district (data from the Ministry of the Interior).

Through a partnership with RTP, Vodafone Portugal is offering a news section (produced by updated in real time, with access to key information and election night news.

The application is already available on Vodafone TV and access is free for any customer. To follow the updated results, customers simply need to press the yellow button on the remote control or go to ‘Applications’ on the Vodafone TV menu.

The Vodafone TV service via fibre has the most competitive prices in the Portuguese market (from €30.50 a month, with a €50 offer in premium channels and a €20 Video Store offer) and is already available in around 400,000 homes in Greater Lisbon and Greater Porto.

The Vodafone TV service offers 130 channels (18 channels in high definition and one channel in 3D), 15 interactive applications and a Video Store catalogue of over 3000 films, which was added to on World Children’s Day with the launch of the Children’s Films and Series Pack giving access to over 750 films and episodes of series from the top children’s channels (with new releases every month for only €5/month). This month will see the launch of the Films and Series Pack, which will provide access to a range of over 120 films and 300 episodes from top television series (with new releases every month for only €10/month).