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Vodafone Portugal reduces price of Mobile Broadband by 19%

Lisbon, 1 June 2011 – Vodafone today launched two new price plan options that represent a 19% reduction in the lowest monthly charge for Mobile Broadband in Portugal.

Following the launch in April 2010, for the first time in Portugal, of the mobile broadband internet access price plans that always guarantee the same billed amount at the end of the month regardless of actual consumption (the Best Net price plans), Vodafone Portugal has now launched two new options under these plans: Best Net Light, which allows browsing at 1.0 Mbps for only €12.49 per month and Best Net Base, which offers a browsing speed of 2.0 Mbps for a monthly charge of €17.49.

Following these changes, Vodafone customers will be able to enjoy Internet access anywhere from €12.49 a month. This new price represents a 19% reduction in the lowest current price in Portugal, from €15.48 to €12.49, and will enable customers to continue to enjoy Internet access on the move from a laptop or tablet at this particularly difficult economic time.

Vodafone Portugal is also offering a 50% discount on these monthly charge prices during the first three months to all customers who subscribe to the service by 30 June.

This move reinforces Vodafone’s competitiveness in the Mobile Broadband market in Portugal by combining in one offer the best prices, modest commitments and cost monitoring facilities.

The launch of these new plans will be accompanied by a strong multimedia advertising campaign featuring the actress Soraia Chaves.