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Vodafone launches LG Maximo 3D – the first 3D smartphone in Portugal

Lisbon, 15 July 2011 – Vodafone tomorrow launches the new LG Maximo 3D – the first 3D smartphone on sale in Portugal.

The first operator to launch a 3D smartphone in Portugal, Vodafone believes that the LG Maximo 3D will be a milestone in the development of mobile phones, as its 3D capability increases user experience and satisfaction in capturing and reproducing reality.

The LG Maximum 3D is the first glasses-free 3D smartphone and has an innovative dual-core processor, dual-channel and 1GHz dual-memory architecture. It is equipped with the Android 2.2 (upgrade to 2.3) operating system, HSPA and 8GB internal memory and features a 4.3” full 3D WVGA touchscreen.

The LG Maximo 3D has two self-adjusting 5MP cameras which record in 720p HD 3D and in 1080p Full HD 2D and plays 3D films without glasses. It converts films and photos instantly from 2D to 3D and enables sharing of all content on the YouTube 3D website and on 3D televisions via the HDMI output.

In terms of 3D content, Vodafone Portugal offers videos and games on the 3D Channel of its mobile portal, including the best-sellers ‘Real Football 2011’, ‘Spider-Man: Total Mayhem’ and ‘Assassins Creed’. Users wishing to access this content simply need to send an SMS with the word ‘3D’ to12333 or to visit Vodafone’s mobile portal.

The LG Maximo 3D is priced at 459.90 euros in Vodafone Portugal stores, with a discount of €10 in the online shop, or from 159.90 euros with a 24-month contract. It is also available on special terms for professional, corporate and personal customers under the Club Viva scheme.