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Vodafone launches exclusive radio stations application on TV

Vodafone today launched for the first time in Portugal an interactive application which, on a single television channel, enables users to tune into the main Portuguese radio stations and offers a range of complementary functions for each station.

The following radio stations are already available in this free application: Antena 1, Antena 2, Antena 3, Cidade FM, M80, Mega Hits, Rádio Comercial, Rádio Renascença, Rádio Sim, RDP África, RDP Internacional, RFM, TSF and Vodafone FM.

Starting today, users can navigate on the same television channel between the various radio stations available and immediately listen to the desired station and access a range of special functions which revolutionise the experience of radio via TV.

For example, current functions include information about the programme or music being broadcast, Top Charts (such as ‘Todos no Top’ on Rádio Comercial, ‘As 40 da Cidade FM’ or the ‘Top M80’) and access on TV for the first time to some of the most popular radio podcasts such as ‘As Manhãs da Comercial’ or ‘Caderneta de Cromos’ on Rádio Comercial.

The application also enables users to listen to internet radio stations such as 80’s RFM, Antena 3 Dance, Antena 3 Rock, Clubbing Online or Oceano Pacífico, as well as news and programme highlights, among other things.

The Radio Stations application is available on channel 304 of the TV box or via the StartApps menu, which includes all the interactive applications of the Vodafone TV Net Voice service, instantly accessible via the blue button on the remote control.

With this launch, Vodafone is expanding its range of interactive applications on television, which currently include the main social networking, information, utilities, music, games and entertainment applications.