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Vodafone launches innovative interactive applications in TV service

Vodafone Portugal has expanded its range of applications for TV with the launch of several innovative features in Portugal in the Vodafone Tv Net Voz service, including: PiP (Picture-in-Picture), My Zapping, Multiplayer TV Games and Karaoke.

The PiP application allows users to view two TV channels simultaneously and switch at any time between the main and secondary windows. With this feature, accessible directly via the yellow button on the remote control, it is possible, for example, to continue to view one channel and wait for the start of a programme on another television channel.

My Zapping is an application that recommends to users their favourite programmes, showing those that they usually the view at that time. It also allows users to search by category the programmes most viewed by customers of Vodafone’s TV service. This application can be accessed directly via the green button on the remote control.

The Multiplayer Games TV application is the first interactive application in Portugal that allows users play in real time with other users on television. In a video arcade experience, any user can play individually or, while watching television, invite another user of the service to play chess, draughts or Four In A Line, for example. Access to these applications is exclusive and free for Vodafone Tv Net Voz customers.

From today, Vodafone Tv Net Voz customers now also have access to an exclusive Karaoke application – the first that includes access to a varied catalogue of music with over 600 titles in a single environment.

Along with these launches, Vodafone is also introducing a new user experience which includes direct and immediate access to these and other interactive applications such as Facebook, Picasa, Flickr, Vodafone All Posts, Traffic, News Stand, Football, etc. via the new StartApps menu, available via the blue button on the remote control.

The Vodafone Tv Net Voz over fibre service provides access to over 130 TV channels (including 24 HD channels and one 3D channel) and Internet access with the highest speed on the market (up to 360Mbps).