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Vodafone launches Sinal Max service to ensure network is always at maximum

Vodafone Portugal tomorrow launches Vodafone Sinal Max – a new service based on Femtocell technology that ensures mobile coverage (voice and data calls) in indoor locations.

Despite its low power (0.02W, about 100 times less than a mobile phone), Sinal Max delivers a 3G network with a range of 50 to 70 metres, making it ideal for ensuring mobile coverage in places such as garages, basements or other locations where the normal network signal suffers from limitations caused by the architecture or the materials used in a building.

To use the service, customers simply need to purchase the Vodafone Sinal Max (a small device measuring 12×14 cm) and have an ADSL, fibre or cable service in the location where they want the network signal always at maximum. Installation is very simple. All that is needed is to connect the device to the fixed broadband router and an electrical socket. All Vodafone’s 3G mobile phones are compatible with this service.

The Vodafone Sinal Max can be purchased from any Vodafone shop for €149.90 and supports up to 4 simultaneous calls. Users can configure up to 30 mobile phone numbers to access the service at no additional cost. For business customers or in situations where the device will be used by more users at the same time, Vodafone offers another model for up to 8 users with an estimated range of 100 metres.

With this launch, Vodafone Portugal is extending the range of telecommunications equipment on the market and further enhancing the high satisfaction level of its customers.