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Terça-Feira, 16 de Outubro de 2012

Vodafone celebrates 20 years of telecommunications in Portugal

Vodafone Portugal celebrates its 20th anniversary on Thursday 18 October. It was on 18 October 1992 that Telecel - as it then was - started to market mobile communications services in Portugal. Since that day, successive technological innovations, the competitiveness of its services and the relationship of trust established with its customers have transformed people's lives and companies' productivity.

They have been 20 years of stories, achievements and successes achieved thanks to the loyalty of over 6 million customers and to the dream, commitment and dedication of some 1500 employees, suppliers and partners who contribute daily to making Vodafone Portugal the most admired company in the telecommunications sector and one of the most admired companies in Portugal according to independent surveys.

The success of Vodafone’s strategy is also recognised by the results of successive surveys that rank Vodafone Portugal as the leader in key indicators: most innovative company, with the best network, the best customer care service, the best offer, the best prices, and, above all, with the most satisfied customers.

Vodafone has established itself as pioneering and strongly innovative in several market segments: convergent offers and services based on its own fibre network, the provision of an innovative TV/internet/phone service accessible both at home and via mobile devices, as well as leadership of the launch of 3G and 4G platforms, are historic achievements by Vodafone in the technological area.

Vodafone’s Social Responsibility strategy is aimed at sustainability in economic, social and environmental aspects, both by the Company and through its Foundation. The Environment, Education, Scientific Research, New Information Technologies, Health and Safety are some of the areas into which the Vodafone Portugal Foundation’s investments are channelled, always in cooperation with recognised civil society organisations, NGOs and public bodies.

Focusing on the provision of a global, integrated telecommunications offer to companies and personal customers and conscious of its responsibility in the effort that is needed to reverse the recessionary trend of Portugal’s economic and financial situation, Vodafone Portugal, under the recent leadership of Mário Vaz (CEO since 1 September), has reaffirmed its commitment to work uncompromisingly for the development of Portuguese society.