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Vodafone releases first Portuguese Badge on Foursquare

Vodafone has released the first brand partner Badge on Foursquare in Portugal. The Vodafone Badge on this fast-growing location-based social network can be unlocked by any user that follows the Vodafone Portugal page at and who manages to figure out the mechanics of the game hosted there to obtain the badge.

This is the first Portuguese Badge out of many that are active internationally on Foursquare and which are unlocked by Foursquare’s users on a daily basis.

Vodafone Portugal also provides a set of tips and suggestions spread throughout Portugal on its Foursquare page, thus allowing the users who follow the brand to keep track of the different promotions that Vodafone is running in a simple, engaging, and real-time format, and which are best suited to where they are located. For example, users who ‘check-in’ into the Foursquare locations of the Benfica football stadium, Sporting football stadium and FC Porto football stadium have access to a Vodafone tip that informs them they can receive Live Goal updates of their club, through text messages and free of charge, for the next three games.

The release of this Badge will strengthen the presence of Vodafone on one of the fastest growing social networks in the world. Foursquare is a social network that encourages users to share information about their favourite places, based on their location, and which has become a phenomenon since its launch. It has over 20 million users all around the world and registers over 5 million daily check-ins.