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Terça-Feira, 10 de Julho de 2012

Vodafone Easy Roaming

Calls abroad at domestic prices plus just €2.99/day

Vodafone customers abroad will be able to talk, send messages and access the Internet on their mobile phones at domestic prices plus just €2.99/day.

The new Vodafone Roaming Easy tariff comes into force on 23 July, allowing customers to use their phones in Europe on the networks of Vodafone operators or subscribing partners (*) for only €2.99/day on top of domestic prices.

Beyond this fixed daily amount, Vodafone customers will pay for calls made and received in roaming based on their domestic tariff. When they are abroad, they will be able to use the packs of minutes, messages or megabytes that have for domestic use as well as benefit from the prices applicable in Portugal. This means, for example, that receiving calls in roaming will imply no extra cost, just as in Portugal.

Subscription to Vodafone Easy Roaming is free, by calling 16910 or sending an SMS to 16910 with the text EASY ROAMING.

Vodafone corporate customers can subscribe through the usual channels and also have the possibility of a monthly option for only €12.30/month.

With this initiative, Vodafone is once again proving the benefits of being the world’s largest mobile community, with tangible benefits for its customers.