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Terça-Feira, 22 de Janeiro de 2013

Vodafone FM showcasing music for 2 years

Midnight on 26 January marks the second anniversary of broadcasts by Vodafone FM radio on 107.2 MHz (Lisbon), 94.3 MHz (Porto) and online worldwide. The vision was a clear and simple one – to share the best and most important new music and to innovate in interactivity by allowing listeners to contribute to the playlist by voting “Like/Dislike” to the songs played by the station.

Vodafone FM broadcasts feature programmes with music by key names in Portuguese music such as Tó Trips in ‘Eléctrica’; DJ Ride and MC Maze of ‘Red Bull Music Academy Radio’; the Faster crew with heavy sounds in ‘Fala Baixo’; the magazine Time Out with ‘Checkpoint’; Hélder Gomes and Nuno Costa Santos in ‘Canções de Auto-Ajuda’ and disc reviews with Mário Lopes and Quim Albergaria in ‘Dois Homens e um Disco’.

Last year Vodafone FM came out of the studio to meet its listeners. It was present at the Vodafone Mexefest and Vodafone Paredes de Coura festivals, with coverage focused on sharing exclusive content and broadcast concerts.

Now in early 2013, Vodafone FM is celebrating two years of broadcasting, with its eyes and ears on creativity and the needs of a demanding listening community. Its aim is to continue to be the station featuring new music creators at the cutting edge of pop, rock, hip hop, dance or multiple fusions of any of these styles, as well as the most accessible source for those who want the best new Portuguese and international music.

Vodafone FM can be heard live around the world on and via the app for iOS ( and Android ( phones. It is also on Facebook, with competitions and interaction with listeners who, since the launch of the station, have always had very positive reactions to the content and the project as a whole.