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Sexta-Feira, 18 de Janeiro de 2013

Vodafone Technology Watch

The first event of its kind in Portugal promoting debate about technology and innovation between the business community and academia – was held yesterday, 17January, in the Auditorium of Vodafone Portugal’s Head Office at Parque das Nações. This event, which in future will be organised annually by Vodafone Portugal, brought together some of the leading university academics in the technology area with a number of Vodafone’s partners and experts, who were invited to share information on new trends in technology and how these might shape our future with an audience of about 100 academics.

In 18-minute presentations, the speakers encouraged the sharing of opinions and discussion on key themes reflecting trends in the technology area such as Innovation, the Internet of Things and M2M, open source telecommunications, OTTs, cloud infrastructures and online privacy. Involved in this first edition of Vodafone Technology Watch were academics from ISCTE, the Higher Technical Institute, the University of Aveiro, CoimbraUniversity, the University of the Minho, LisbonNewUniversity and the University of Porto.

Vodafone Technology Watch is an opportunity to further knowledge and seed inspiration about technology topics between the academic community and Vodafone Portugal and show that the Company, a pioneer in the introduction of key technologies in telecommunications in Portugal, believes in the power of ideas to change attitudes, lives and, ultimately, the world.